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Cohering with an inbound call center for handling the voluminous incoming calls can help your business grow by understanding what exactly the customer wants. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The third law of gravity holds for the businesses today that have crossed the physical boundaries. The customer knows what precisely he/she wants, and if you end up delivering the right kind of product you probably get a five-star rating on the app or beautifully carved testimonials for your website and if the customer is dissatisfied with the services, you should be ready to face the brunt. For handling either of the two situations, the business houses must have an adept and diligent task force that can work patiently by listening to what the client has to say and then pass on the information for adequate action. This is the work that inbound call centers do because they listen to what the customer has in store and then channelize the conversations for the benefit of the business.

What is an inbound call center?

An inbound call center is one where the team receives the calls initiated by the customers. In other words, when the customer wants to speak to the agents, then the conversation falls in the category of inbound calling because it is triggered by the customer and not the agents sitting in the office.

Why is an inbound call center useful in 2021?

The pandemic the world is facing today has had a serious impact on the businesses across the segments. The apprehensions in the minds of the customers stand true because stepping out is a strict no-no and amidst this turbulence, how can the business houses work towards 100% customer satisfaction when everything is happening virtually. Keeping this in mind, the work of the team at the inbound call center has become all the more crucial because they need to be empathetic and sympathetic towards the calls they receive so that the customers feel the warmth even if they are miles apart. The inbound call center has thus become useful in 2021 because of the following reasons:

Brand building: A healthy and meaningful conversation can help in carving a beautiful brand image and when the conversation is started by the customer, you have an opportunity to promote the business in good light and thus build a positive brand image that sparkles in the dark. With numerous online shopping portals readily available at the swipe of the finger, the customer has to be told the edge you have when he/she calls you. Building your brand when the physical interaction is minimal can be a tedious job but that is what the inbound call center team specializes in.

Different requirements are met: Whether the customer wants to speak to the customer service executive regarding the malfunctioning of the products or has to understand how a particular gadget operates, the queries will be answered within a fraction of a second and the customer will be good to go.

Focus on core competencies: The biggest challenge that lies ahead of business houses these days is to be on their toes and revamp their product range keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of the customer. When you capitalize on the services rendered at the inbound call center, you can focus on your core areas and leave the rest of the task to the team that is best at handling the conversations.

Minimal investment: 2021 has superseded its successor and has put a question mark on the meagre existence of many businesses. In such a scenario, creating an infrastructure dedicated to handling inbound calls will put you through financial pressure and thus roping in the inbound call center for handling customer queries can help you stay in the business and that too without investing much.

Some best practices that you need to follow while outsourcing inbound call center services

Since inbound calls are the point of conversation between the caller and the company, the customer care representatives must put in their best foot forward to turn the caller into a customer. When a customer calls for a refund or product installation etc., the representative online must ensure that the query is well resolved for nurturing a fruitful relationship. Outsourcing inbound call center services is a smart move because communication is an art, and the team at the inbound call center is taught the art of positive communication. Some practices that must be followed while outsourcing inbound call services are:

Train the team: Providing the required training in the existing domain will help the organization keep control of the inbound calls received. Informing the team about the latest technology in use and the products offered will help in channelizing the conversations for the ultimate benefit of the business.

Details of services available: Whether it is order taking service or help desk service, the area must be demarcated for a better understanding of the customer requirements.

Performance tracker: Keeping a track of churn rate, average handle time, average call transfer rate, cost per contact, service level, customer satisfaction score etc are some of the parameters that have to be kept in mind while outsourcing inbound call services for desired results.

Connection across channels: While talking on the phone continues to dominate the area of inbound call services, you need to rope in social media presence as well for an omnipresent customer. Be it through emails, text messages or addressing queries on social media, inbound call centers services have to be provided on multiple channels for a better connection with the clients.

Reliable tools: Call conferencing, call recording, automatic call distributor, predictive dialler, information screen pop-up etc are some of the dependable tools that need to be used for providing optimal services.

Empathize with the customer: Can you argue with someone who has called you and is already frustrated? If you don’t maintain your cool, you will ruin the basic purpose of your existence. Customer needs to feel valued and to do that; the team at the inbound call center must empathize with what the customer has to say. The way you speak and your tone can have a considerable impact on the conversations. So make sure that you choose your words and pitch nicely.

How inbound call centers help to increase the profits of your business?

inbound call center

Business trends are changing at supersonic speed and thus providing the right solution to the customers is imperative for sustainability. Inbound calls from the customers aim at redressing customer complaints, issues and grievances. Providing appropriate solutions can help in increasing profits through Brand image: Converting pain points into opportunities is the prime function of inbound call center service and through this; a positive brand image is built, which helps increase profits. Better retention: The cost to acquire a new customer is more than the cost you incur in retaining the existing one. Harnessing the potential of inbound call center services will help in better retention for better profits. Enhanced efficiency: By capitalizing on the services provided by the inbound call center, you can focus on core business functions and thus enhance the efficiency levels. Loyal and long-term customers: Unparallel customer service means unmatched loyalty and long term association with customers that will show a phenomenal increase in profits.

Why is innovation important in an inbound call center?

Innovation is the key behind perpetuation. The day the businesses stop innovating, their existence becomes a question and in the inbound call center where technology plays a crucial role, innovation opens new doors and opportunities. Innovating inbound call center is important for the following reasons: Satisfying the expectations of the callers Remain ahead of the competitors Multi-channel integration Show diversity

Is it good to outsource inbound customer service?

Outsourcing inbound call center services is a smart and planned move because it offers the following advantages: Promotes growth by directing focus on core areas Reduces financial stress in terms of infrastructure and manpower Helps to maintain operational control Provides staff flexibility Makes a deeper impact on the customers that builds brand image Gives the power to handle high call volumes Provides a platform to expand globally

Tips to reduce cybercrime in the inbound call center

“Prevention is better than cure”, and when it comes to business security you must plan before the security is breached. Some of the tips to reduce cybercrime in the inbound call center are: Audits are crucial for business monitoring and data safety measures. Multi-factor authentication is what you need. Safeguarding in-house data by closely strengthening the endpoints is a must. To ensure effective performance, the inbound call center must have operative software that supports the huge call volume. Password management systems for automating inbound call center services will save you from cyber threats.

What are the different services that IO Digital provides as an inbound call center?

Collaborating with IO Digital for inbound call services will open a myriad of services that include:
Message taking: We will act as a postman and deliver the message to the right person at the right time. Call patching: We will patch both warm and cold calls by providing a human touch to the otherwise robotic call that might turn off the caller. We have live receptionists for call patching services for a better connection with the caller.
Order taking: We provide seamless order taking services that open up new avenues for business and strong relationships for mutual benefits.
Customer service: Our forte is our undeterred spirit to serve the customers in the best possible manner. Be it providing claim processing services or toll-free customer support services or product information service requests, we are happy to provide prompt answers.
Complaint hotline: We offer add-on numbers, call recording, call blasting, toll-free texting, infinite call handling and follow-me find-me feature under this category of inbound call services. Technical support: Our dedicated team will talk to you and provide the technical support you need if you are stuck at any given time.

When should your small business partner with IO Digital?

Partnering with IO Digital will be advantageous for you when You are on the spree of losing customers Executive-level complaints have increased considerably and you want a timely remedy There is considerable inconsistency in your brand voice You are not available when the customer wants to talk to you Your team is far too stretched to handle the multiple platforms and there is a decline in the efficiency

How can IO Digital give you the competitive advantage you are looking for?

We understand the importance of customer retention and acquisition and what it takes to build a strong brand image. Our cost-efficient and technologically-driven services will not just enhance retention rate but also give you the flexibility to focus on your core competencies for enhanced results. Our round the clock services provide better control and integration.


Providing customized and secure solutions for better efficiency and customer satisfaction is the thrust area of inbound call centers and at IO Digital we make every move keeping in mind the needs of the customers for framing innovative strategies for enhanced results. If you want an edge over the others in this fast-changing business environment, look up to our inbound call services and scale through new heights.



We are a UK based company established in 2016 and provide a fully outsourced Web Chat service dedicated to helping our clients win more business and build customer satisfaction from their website.

The IO Chat service is quite unique in that it not only provides the website software but also the live “human” agents to handle all visitor website traffic. Capturing leads, converting sales and providing a customer service “wow” 24/7 a day everyday of the year at an extremely low cost.

Our background of over 20 years in outsourced customer acquisition strategies and innovative lead capture software enables us to deliver this valuable service for any business who wishes to boost revenues from their existing web channel.


At a starting point of just £3.25 per day, IO Chat offers a cost effective Web Chat service 12 hours a day, 7 days per week. Our pricing model is based on shared cost by thousands of clients making chat accessible for any organisation, whatever their size, to boost their revenues from their website.


We have a highly trained team of lead generation and customer service experts in the IO Chat’s centre.

Our agents are all of graduate level education and are coached in the nuances of browsing behaviours allowing them to effectively deal with visitors to client sites across a range of global industries, organisations and services.


As this is a reception and lead generation service we don’t need to know your business in detail. As part of the set up process we ask you to provide some background details and typical FAQs this, coupled with the information on your website we will use when chatting with your visitors.


The short answer is, if you can gain commercial advantage from having a qualified agent greeting, capturing prospect information and validating enquiries from all your website visitors then the answer is yes

We are so confident that Web Chat will work for your website that there is no contractual commitment to our service. In the unlikely event that it’s not the right service for your business you can end the agreement at anytime and simply remove the web chat code from your site.


Adding our web chat service to your site is very easy. Simply complete the on-line order form and we will send you some code which you need to add to your website which will then automatically connect to our agents.

If you need help with this our tech team will assist you with this task that usually takes less than a minute.


In order to make Web Chat effective it has to be available at all times and has to be proactive which, to most organisations, is not cost effective. You need to have agents available to cover during breaks, holidays, sickness and out of hours and they need to be focussed on inviting visitors to chat in the critical seconds where the window of opportunity is there to engage.

IO Chat can do this for you at a fraction of the cost and using dedicated agents to maximise the effectiveness of every engagement.


Web Chat is like having a sales assistant in your website showroom all day everyday ready to engage with all your website visitors. Greeting them, capturing prospect information and qualifying leads and passing this information to you via e-mail in real-time. This then allows you to respond while the visitor is in the market for your product or service.

Web Chat is proven to:

  • Increase the likelihood of purchase: people who chat are 3 times more likely to buy.
  • Reduce visitor abandonment which without engagement is around 80% on most websites.
  • Provide a qualified resource to engage with visitors during the high value our of hours period.

No! Full support 24/7 is included within your monthly service fee. In fact you will also be allocated a dedicated account manager who will handle any enquiries you may have and ensure your business and your visitors gets the best service available


No, our solution is fully cloud hosted on secure servers. Other than adding some simple website code there are no internal IT requirements. We do everything for you!


Yes, we will add your branding, logo and personalised messaging at no additional cost.

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