Recasting Customer Care Through 24*7 Domestic BPO Services

Recasting Customer Care Through Newfangled BPO Services

Let the experts handle the conversations while you work on the floor for product development! The mantra that drives the BPO sector for flawless BPO services has been a big relief for many business houses that have now got an opportunity to outsource their business functions to the BPOs for better results and customer service.

Get top-notch BPO services with IO Digital

A“We are a call away” is no longer an idiom because the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services have transformed the entire game of running the business. No matter in which time zone you operate or where your client is, the customer will be taken care of and services that extend far beyond from meagre talking on phone and resolving customer complaints to handling front office operations, payrolls, accounts etc, the scope of BPO services is immense. We are the BPO service provider, whose thrust area is customer satisfaction through unmatched results. Count on us for the following services:

Reinventing the new BPO services: We have reformed the concept of BPO services by providing effective business solutions and making your business visible on different social media! A business cannot operate in a vacuum because doing so will be gruesome for its existence. Through our knowledge, skills and experience we channelize our efforts in making your socially visible for grandeur outcomes.

Integrating digital platforms with human experience: The customer wants to be pampered and we are there to align digitalization and human interaction through our customized services for enhanced results. Be it onshore outsourcing, near-shore outsourcing or offshore outsourcing, you can pin your hopes on our experts for their specialized BPO services irrespective of your area of operation. Our extensive range of services includes:

Outsourcing customer care and sales generation: When a customer calls a toll free number he/she expects the most courteous person on the earth to redress the grievance. We have a team of dignified and well-groomed professionals who value customers beyond anything and put in their best foot forward in pacifying all their queries. This ultimately leads to better sales and profits.

Customer experience: Giving your customers a comfort zone in which they can transverse can happen if you have a deep insight into how they behave. Through advanced research and analytics, we formulate plans which will give your customers a better experience when they reach you.

Social BPO Services: Remodelling BPO services according to the need of the hour is the dictum we work on. Digitalization has transformed the way business is done and keeping this in mind, we offer specialized BPO services wherein we frame creative strategies for your social media presence. Our objective is to ensure that our clients have meaningful customer interaction and for this, we work in drafting alluring social media campaigns.

Chat support services: Who doesn’t want prompt answers when shopping online? If you are confused regarding which laptop to buy, talk to our experts who will help you in making the choice easy. Our live chat support will not just help you to enhance sales but also bring in brand credibility and confidence that will go a long way in building your reputation in the market.

Digital BPO services: Connecting the dots across the globe for a better market presence is our motive. Through our advanced BPO services, we aim at making the digital journey of the clients seamless and flawless. We understand that the customers want a personalized experience when they scroll through the web and for nurturing a long-lasting relationship; this navigation needs to be smartly planned. We make use of our technical knowledge for analyzing the customer movement so that innovative strategies can be framed for overwhelming results.

Digital sales: Capturing the untapped segment for revenue generation is our forte and through our advanced decision-making tools and analytics, we work towards driving conversations into sales. Talking to the right customer at the right time for pitching the right product is an art and through our advanced software tools, we can give the customers what they want at the particular moment.

Digital customer experience: Understanding the needs of the customer and how he/she behaves while browsing through the different channels is the driving force behind all our actions. Our BPO services are targeted at refining the customer experience at every step so that you remain ahead of our competitors in providing extraordinary services to your clients. Our advanced integrated customer analytics is the tool that helps us in answering who, what, where, when and why posed by the customer.

Digital customer and marketing strategy: If you think your survival is limited to the four walls of your brick and mortar building, then you are in for a serious challenge. Business is expanding beyond boundaries and from offline to online, the customers want an outstanding shopping experience that gives them value for every penny they spend. Thus, the marketing strategies have to change every second for a cutting-edge experience. We will guide you in framing the right strategies that are in tandem with the current business scenario so that you can make the most of the situation.

Digital content services: What you post on your digital platform is a true reflection of who you are. The content you write and the way you write should not just be engaging but needs to deliver value to anyone who goes through it. Random words that are loosely written will fail to make a mark. As part of our BPO service, we have a team of expert content writers who understand the underlying value of the richness in content and thus come up with content that is more than just engrossing.

Digital commerce: What separates the one who comes first in a 100 mts race from the one who lags? It is the speed and accurate timing that are the determining forces in either making you grab the number 1 spot or losing the game. Today, you cannot afford to ignore the impact of being omnipresent across the different channels for better visibility and enhanced sales. We will assist you in reaping profits by optimising your operations through our technical insight and industry knowledge.

High-end analytics: How can the current data be used for better market share and deeper customer engagement is one of the core BPO services we provide. Our approach is driven by identifying key performance indicators, defining the scope of customer service, customer satisfaction score and net promoter score. We work at identifying the loopholes if any and frame strategies for better performance.

Why Should You Choose IO Digital for BPO Services?

When it comes to choosing the one BPO service provider that stands tall on your expectations, you cannot ignore the presence of IO Digital in the field. We are the front runners who understand the importance of outsourcing and how should it be done efficiently for achieving the target results. Our team will give you the comfort that you have been looking for and by bringing us onboard you will not just have a cost advantage but also you will be able to reap the benefits of better connectivity and engagement that you have been craving for.

BPO Company- We Simplify Complex Processes Through Blended Strategies

What might seem to you as a herculean task is a plain vanilla scoop for us because we have the knowledge, manpower and expertise in handling myriad queries related to the service sector! Our strategic approach in handling the customers across different channels cannot be questioned. While we give you the freedom to focus on your competencies, you need to rely on us for customer handling issues and various others segments that need attention for quick customer response and more sales.

An Absolute Solution With The Best BPO Service Provider

If you want to rule the global market with minimal investment, you need to bring us on board and see how the sales bar graphs change in due course. We know the importance of indefectible service in the present times and our efforts are channelized in making it happen through extensive research and analysis for the benefit of our valuable clients.

A New Way to Operate BPO Services with IO Digital

We are not just a team that sits in front of computers with headphones saying, “Hello, how may I help you?” We are beyond that. We are the masterminds of the content you post, the marketing campaign you run on digital media and the competitive edge you wish to gain in the market. We have changed the outlook of how BPOS services were presumed because we have brought in oodles of efficiency and expanded the services that are provided under the category of BPO services.

Move Forward with A New Standard of Business Process Outsourcing

We are the kingpins of methodologically driven business solutions. Our BPO services are not only confined to handling customer queries but extend far beyond the conventional way of conversing with clients. We know the importance of presence on social media and thus our every action is strategically drawn towards making our clients look beyond the black and white images. We scrutinize the customer movement by keeping an eagle’s eye on various platforms and then suggest clients what works in their best interest. We know that prosaic language and designs will go unnoticed and thus as a part of BPO services we come with electrifying content and design that is entrancing

Develop Your Business With Us For Better Outreach

Our commitment to projects makes us stand tall in the market. Customer satisfaction is the essence of our existence and every move that you make with us will open up new opportunities for you to expand and reach the remotest corners of the world. If you value your customers, then counting on us will give four feathers to your aspirations. You can channelize your energies in other strategic moves crucial for your expansion and leave the rest to our team.

Boost Your Customer Experience with IO Digital Best Practices

For an unfiltered and harmonious relationship with the customers, you need to give them an extraordinary experience that will entice them to be loyal towards you. Enhancing this quotient can be a tedious job especially when the customer has vast options to explore. Giving the customer the experience he/she has been looking for is possible by taking advantage of the various BPO services we offer.

What Differentiates Us From The Rest?

IO Digital has carved its niche in providing BPO services because of the following reasons: We are seasoned professionals for whom customers are the only priority in life. We build your brand through creative scripts that are engaging and not robotic. Our target is to maximize revenue for our client across B2B, B2C and other channels. Enhanced customer experience comes with detailed analysis and we have a dedicated team that is only into analytics and screening. By adding an element of personalisation to every project on hand, we not only win the confidence of the client but also help the client attain an edge over the others. We work day and night for uninterrupted customer support service. As an important aspect of our BPO service, we aim at minimizing cost for our clients without compromising on the quality of services delivered. Data security is critical in today’s business environment and through the latest technology and practices we ensure that there is no breach of trust. Analysis is our core competency and we aim at harnessing its benefits for the good of our clients. We have a complete set up for the work at home teams for augmenting customer engagement and developing relationships.

Say Bye to The Competition When We Are With You

IO Digital BPO services will help you cruise through the vast sea of competition as if it were a cakewalk. Trust us for unmatched services and exemplary customer


BPO services aim at providing the businesses with the edge they need to survive in the competitiveness around. We will partner with you by understanding your requirements and then exploring the areas for expansion. You do what you are good at and let us render the best of the services for your amelioration.!



We are a UK based company established in 2016 and provide a fully outsourced Web Chat service dedicated to helping our clients win more business and build customer satisfaction from their website.

The IO Chat service is quite unique in that it not only provides the website software but also the live “human” agents to handle all visitor website traffic. Capturing leads, converting sales and providing a customer service “wow” 24/7 a day everyday of the year at an extremely low cost.

Our background of over 20 years in outsourced customer acquisition strategies and innovative lead capture software enables us to deliver this valuable service for any business who wishes to boost revenues from their existing web channel.


At a starting point of just £3.25 per day, IO Chat offers a cost effective Web Chat service 12 hours a day, 7 days per week. Our pricing model is based on shared cost by thousands of clients making chat accessible for any organisation, whatever their size, to boost their revenues from their website.


We have a highly trained team of lead generation and customer service experts in the IO Chat’s centre.

Our agents are all of graduate level education and are coached in the nuances of browsing behaviours allowing them to effectively deal with visitors to client sites across a range of global industries, organisations and services.


As this is a reception and lead generation service we don’t need to know your business in detail. As part of the set up process we ask you to provide some background details and typical FAQs this, coupled with the information on your website we will use when chatting with your visitors.


The short answer is, if you can gain commercial advantage from having a qualified agent greeting, capturing prospect information and validating enquiries from all your website visitors then the answer is yes

We are so confident that Web Chat will work for your website that there is no contractual commitment to our service. In the unlikely event that it’s not the right service for your business you can end the agreement at anytime and simply remove the web chat code from your site.


Adding our web chat service to your site is very easy. Simply complete the on-line order form and we will send you some code which you need to add to your website which will then automatically connect to our agents.

If you need help with this our tech team will assist you with this task that usually takes less than a minute.


In order to make Web Chat effective it has to be available at all times and has to be proactive which, to most organisations, is not cost effective. You need to have agents available to cover during breaks, holidays, sickness and out of hours and they need to be focussed on inviting visitors to chat in the critical seconds where the window of opportunity is there to engage.

IO Chat can do this for you at a fraction of the cost and using dedicated agents to maximise the effectiveness of every engagement.


Web Chat is like having a sales assistant in your website showroom all day everyday ready to engage with all your website visitors. Greeting them, capturing prospect information and qualifying leads and passing this information to you via e-mail in real-time. This then allows you to respond while the visitor is in the market for your product or service.

Web Chat is proven to:

  • Increase the likelihood of purchase: people who chat are 3 times more likely to buy.
  • Reduce visitor abandonment which without engagement is around 80% on most websites.
  • Provide a qualified resource to engage with visitors during the high value our of hours period.

No! Full support 24/7 is included within your monthly service fee. In fact you will also be allocated a dedicated account manager who will handle any enquiries you may have and ensure your business and your visitors gets the best service available


No, our solution is fully cloud hosted on secure servers. Other than adding some simple website code there are no internal IT requirements. We do everything for you!


Yes, we will add your branding, logo and personalised messaging at no additional cost.

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