Top 10 Outsource Customer Service Companies in India

top 10 outsource customer service companies

Top 10 Outsource Customer Service Companies in India

Brands are rethinking their strategies and putting in efforts to deliver the best possible experience to their customers. With the ever-changing dynamics of the global economy, the role of customer service becomes more important than ever. With a negative experience, a consumer can stop buying from a brand, whereas a positive experience can make them loyal consumers for life. So, in this competitive landscape, it is important to choose the right customer service company. To continue delivering the results, brands even rely on outsource customer service. Choosing the right partner allows companies to attain a sustainable advantage from smarter conversations and lead generation.

What is Customer Support as a Service?

According to a survey, more than 80% of consumers recommend a brand to others if the experience was good. Customer support service is a quality-driven strategy that attracts and retains customers. It is an umbrella term that involves a range of activities catered with the aim to improve customer experience and ultimately profitability and market share. In the era of online interactions, customer support can be a strategic tool to build relationships. Progressive brands are implementing a range of activities, including inbound call center or outbound call center, helpdesks, email support and contact centre outsourcing. In other words, the support service ensures that every consumer feels valued and privileged with a one-to-one intelligent conversation.

The key success of customer support is a faster response. When brands see this as a hassle or a challenge, they prefer to outsource customer service. Rather than tarnishing the reputation because of an unhappy customer, brands these days prefer investing in contact centre outsourcing where qualified and skilled agents from a third party handle the customer interaction and communications.

Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Service

Getting customer support service right is critical of every business, no matter how big or small the company is. To heighten the level of customer satisfaction, companies need to establish call centres which mean expensive investment in facilities, technology, and human resources. A conscious decision for cost-effective and efficient connections is to outsource customer service. Read on to know why it makes sense to invest in contact centre outsourcing.

Outsourcing Support vs. In-House Support

Setting up a customer service department in-house seems interesting to businesses. Employers might think that they will have better control over their performance. However, in-house support has many disadvantages. For instance, it can be pretty expensive. Additional charges and taxes might be there to hire a team of 25-30 people who are working day and night to provide the support. During peak times, holidays it can become even difficult to deliver a seamless customer experience if there is an in-house department. On the other hand, an appealing and sensible decision is to outsource customer service. More and more companies are delegating the support task to third parties because it is cost-effective, employers don’t have to worry about the interviewing, training, and recruitment of in-house support staff.

Hiring specialists for outsourcing customer experience services, businesses can attain the following advantages:

  • Cost reduction
  • Tailor made scalable solutions
  • Access to latest technology
  • Integration of human intelligence with AI
  • Dedicated and trained staff
  • Specialized knowledge
  • Big data analysis
  • Quality management and monitoring
  • 24/7 availability

Contact centre outsourcing suits the budget of most businesses, and it keeps the employer free from a lot of hassle to maintain round-the-clock conversations with consumers. Even fortune 500 companies are outsourcing their support services to contact centres instead of opting for the convenient alternative of in-house handling customer communication channels. Costs are managed better, and customers are served better when businesses can outsource services that are available round the clock.

Smoother Business Operations with Outsourcing Solutions

Business operations are becoming customer-focused, where detailed conversations with the consumers become a key challenge. The cost per call ratio is a considerable factor for the performance of businesses. The in-house facilities are worth it during peak times. However, the support staff might sit idle during the period of low volumes. The cost and rigor involved with customer support encourage companies of all sizes to opt to outsource customer service. There are two solutions to integrate outsourcing in a business, i.e. on-shore and offshore. On-shore service will be from the same country where the business is operating, and offshore outsourcing solutions means relying on expertise from outside the country. Offshoring is highly popular because of the lower service cost and assurance of expertise. For continuous growth, companies can refer to offshore contact centre outsourcing.

Improved Productivity of The Frontline Support

Customer support service is a tiered tactic, where the frontline agents are expected to be quick and efficient to resolve the customer issues. The frontline personnel are expected to be available all the time to answer the calls or chats initiated by the customers. When outsourcing the end-user support, companies can stay assured that even during the odd-hours or holiday season, the growth and productivity of the business are driven through customer support. While a third-party agent is documenting and resolving the issue, the in-house team can focus on other important things like the actual business performance. In other words, frontline support can be outsourced to avail the following strategic benefits:
Setup the right key performance indicators
Tailor made an approach towards customer behaviour
Profitable corporate strategy and business models
Customer-centric, cost-effective channel management

Removed Barriers of Backline Support

The efforts and activities of backline support are crucial for the efficiency of frontline support. Where first line staff is expected to be attentive, outsourcing the backline support ensures that front line employees receive the product knowledge and skills to make the sale. Without putting effort, businesses can leverage the benefits of backline support outsourcing which includes presales, customer acquisition and marketing.

Scalable Back Office Support

With contact centre outsourcing, a business can even avail back office support that ensures improved productivity and sustainable growth. The back office operations of IT support and marketing can be outsourced if a company is facing leadership challenges, unable to handle the workload or having difficulties in achieving service goals within the timeline. Multichannel back office support ensures that a business meets customer demands and is capable of improving its performance.

Importance of Good Customer Support Service

Positive customer experience relates to business success. Happy customers lead to more money and sustainable growth. Therefore, organizations must ensure that they are able to deliver good customer support service. The easiest and cost-effective method to prioritize customer satisfaction is to outsource customer service.

What is The Need to Outsource Customer Support Services?

As discussed earlier, customer service matters to growth and profitability. Needless to say, products and services have issues and flaws. In the case of churn rate, the importance of outsourcing support services is apparently clear. Reports stated that 89% of the customers would stop purchasing from a company after a bad experience and will start doing business with the competitors. Outsourcing the support service offers added advantages of scalability, expertise and cost-effectiveness. When a firm decides to outsource customer service, it results in improved customer satisfaction and enhanced brand reputation, whereas the employers don’t have to face challenges for training and recruitment of human resources.

Outsourcing Creates a Layer Between Company and Customer

Contact centre outsourcing has achieved new heights of success. More and more businesses are moving towards third party agents to outsource customer service. The efficient operations of outsourcing companies are resulting in international partnerships. From manufacturing to the tedious task of customer services, companies are relying on third party experts to achieve productivity and growth objectives. These specialists act as a layer between companies and customers and fulfil the needs on both ends. For instance, if an organization aims to work with a customer-centric perspective, adopting a multi-channel becomes imperative for growth and profitability. Customers are fully aware of the emerging technologies and expect their service to be present at every channel. Not surprisingly, chatbots are gaining traction due to the need for multi-channel presence, however, integrating it with human intelligence is significant. An outsourcing company provides the advantage of integrating AI with human intelligence. Their customer-focused multi-channel strategy acts as a bridge between the customer and the company. Outsourcing partners provide timely reports and customer satisfaction analytics to the employer and help them to set the right KPI.

How to Outsource Customer Service The Right Way?

In order to pick the right firm for contact centre outsourcing, businesses must establish their goals right away. To attain the desired performance from a third party company, constant performance evaluation is essential. In order to outsource customer service, businesses may focus on the interaction medium preferred by their customers. Finding a firm that uses an omnichannel approach is helpful in assuring that customers will attain a top notch support experience.

Top Ten Outsource Customer Service Companies of 2021

Surveys revealed that improvement in the customer service report resulted in a revenue increase at 84% of organizations. For better reputation and higher customer retention, picking the best contact centre outsourcing company is essential. Below is a list of the 10 biggest companies that are worth investing in if an organization wants to outsource customer service.

Boasting Airbus and Telenor as their major clientele, Wipro is one of the top contact centre outsourcing companies that offer customer support services across varied industries. With the assurance of reduction in cost-to-serve rates, the outsourcing firm endeavours to stay ahead of the game.

The company offers end-to-end customer support solutions. With a major clientele as PepsiCo, the outsourcing firm is serving varied industries by rendering customer care services, service desk services, contact centre consulting and support services.

Claims to help businesses keep their customers loyal and happy, the outsourcing firm has proven expertise in both customer service and contact centre optimization. The company claims to help its partners enable brand differentiation through improving support service.

IO Digital
Headquartered in London, the outsourcing company has enlarged its global footprint by assuring top-notch services across different verticals. With their digitally enhanced contact centres, technology-augmented back offices, digitally empowered e-commerce platforms and business analytics expertise, the firm has pioneered the global business model of contact centre outsourcing. The company has been preferred to outsource customer service as they integrated human-assisted design with AI automation in its omnichannel approach.

Flatworld Solutions
The organization is renowned for offering robust customer support services for diversified clientele. Clients from the technology, manufacturing and banking sector rely on this outsourcing firm to handle 24/7 customer concerns. The company is rendering proactive services to handle intelligent customer interactions.

Triniter BPO
Helping businesses to expand their support staff, the outsourcing company is instrumental in offering customer support and back-office support. With their multichannel solutions, the company is delivering services to Microsoft, Loreal and many more. The company is instrumental in offering 360 degree customer insights to help businesses achieve their growth objectives.

Trupp Blobal
The customer support experts at Trupp Global ensure to deliver higher customer satisfaction and higher profitability. Featuring in-bound and outbound voice support, the firm offers multi-channel support.

GO4 Customer
Featuring modern infrastructure and talented staff, this India based company assured quality services with its customer support and reports and analytics expertise. The skilled team members deliver end-to-end guidance to businesses to redesign their customer journeys.

Being an awardee for customer service excellence, the firm aims to deliver unique support solutions. Their domain expertise falls under consulting-led expertise, whereas the company is rendering a wide array of micro services to improve customer advocacy.

Serving thousands of partners from telecom, healthcare, travel and hospitality, this outsourcing company has gained specialization in delivering customer support service. Owned by the Essar Group, the service provider is now enhancing the business experience of its partners by providing customer satisfaction analysis.
Finding the right partner to outsource customer service is incredibly challenging. However, the above-mentioned list may help businesses to gain an insight into what top performers in the outsourcing sector are offering these days.


In this highly competitive environment, businesses are looking forward to sustainable growth measures. The best way to attain sustainability is through word-of-mouth, as reports revealed that around 69% of happy customers would recommend the services or products to others. Thus, it becomes essential to understand the new business imperatives, especially in times of uncertainty where digital interactions have never reached before levels. If you expect that customers would return then, you must invest some time and effort in finding the right contact centre outsourcing partner. It simply means you need to seek a partner that fits with your long-term business goals. Outsourcing firms offering scalable and agile support solutions are the need of the hour.
Organizations should outsource customer service to third parties that can level up the contacts whenever needed and also become flexible enough to match with the customer needs. More and more companies are bringing their outsourced business to the UK given the flexibility and agility of services. To know more about the best practices of outsource customer service facilities, visit the link given below.



We are a UK based company established in 2016 and provide a fully outsourced Web Chat service dedicated to helping our clients win more business and build customer satisfaction from their website.

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In order to make Web Chat effective it has to be available at all times and has to be proactive which, to most organisations, is not cost effective. You need to have agents available to cover during breaks, holidays, sickness and out of hours and they need to be focussed on inviting visitors to chat in the critical seconds where the window of opportunity is there to engage.

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Web Chat is proven to:

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  • Provide a qualified resource to engage with visitors during the high value our of hours period.

No! Full support 24/7 is included within your monthly service fee. In fact you will also be allocated a dedicated account manager who will handle any enquiries you may have and ensure your business and your visitors gets the best service available


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