Top 10 inbound calling process providers in India

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Top 10 inbound calling process providers in India

Good brand image is vital to retain and attract customers. A call center is the backbone of a customer-facing business organization. By handling numerous calls and queries daily, a brand shows its excellence and convinces consumers to stay loyal and repeat their purchases. The inbound process is a great step towards customer retention.

Surveys revealed that 79% of customers expect to not wait more than 5 minutes if they are calling a customer care service. The short wait time can have a huge bearing on your brand loyalty. In this digital era, a business needs an inbound process service provider to leverage the benefits of heightened customer satisfaction levels. Let’s discuss the job of an inbound process call center and which are the top 10 service providers in India, creating a positive change throughout the call center vertical.

What do you understand about an inbound process?

As the name implies, the inbound process is based on handling incoming calls and queries in a customer-service based call center. While facilitating the incoming calls, the agents are expected to serve both existing and potential customers. To increase sales and profitability, the inbound call center handles customer queries in the form of phone, live chat, mail or social media.

What are the different types of inbound calling processes?

The primary objective of the inbound process call center is to improve customer experience and help businesses to attain the best value. Over the years, these call centers have helped thousands of businesses in India to strengthen their customer-centric business strategy and to become industry leaders by rendering the following services:

  • Product support
  • Technical support
  • Help desk
  • Order processing
  • Payment processing
  • Upgrades and renewals

  • If you want an inbound process which type suits you?

    No matter how small or new your business is, you need to set up a call center to respond to the customer queries. Offsite answering is cost-effective, and you get access to talented staff and the latest technology to conduct the inbound process with ease. By hiring a third-party call center to offer inbound call services, an organization can assure 24/7 accessibility to its customers. After analyzing the inbound calls, a firm can decide whether they need a general help desk or a more integrated communication channel for the existing and potential customers.

    Which one is suitable for you- inbound process or outbound process?

    As discussed earlier, the inbound process means handling incoming calls, whereas, in the outbound process, the service reps make outgoing calls to potential customers. The inbound service aims to retain customers, and in the outbound process, the objective is to attract more and more customers. Depending on the nature of your business, you can decide which one works best for you.

    If your main priority is to deliver customer experience, you need an inbound call center. If you want to attain publicity and pitch your product or service to more and more customers, you will have to invest in an outbound process service. As an alternative, you can opt for a hybrid call center service, where the agents can handle both incoming and outcoming calls.

    What are the inbound calling process services?

    Inbound calling is an answering service where the main objective is to reduce the hold time for customers. To attain optimum results, these days, service providers create multiple touchpoints to digitize the conversation.

    The result driven performance of dedicated agents at an inbound process call center is measured in the name of the following services.

  • Customer service: The talented representatives work to provide a true extension to an organization’s customer service department.
  • Tech support: Usually, a call center handles multiple clients. Therefore the agents possess greater technical knowledge and can cater to customers with tier 1 tech support.
  • Help desk services: Inbound calling process services are booming because of the assurance to attain immediate resolution. The reps can handle queries to quickly identify, assess and resolve a customer issue.
  • Lead generation: These reps don’t work as a mere help desk; they also offer genuine services to engage the prospects and track leads to generate sales and profits.
  • Order processing: These services are highly requisite for the e-commerce department, where a talented and dedicated staff will offer inbound process services to help customers quickly and effectively process the orders and make payments.
  • Media support: In this digital era, if a company is engaged in a social media campaign, the inbound call center can also aid by providing seamless channels to communicate.
  • After hours support: A business can handle inbound calls in-house, but during holidays and after working hours, they need a dedicated team to handle the customers. Thus, outsourcing the inbound calling process to a third party is beneficial as the business never closes and responds to customer calls 24/7.

  • How to handle the inbound calling process?

    There are two types of incoming calls at an inbound process, i.e. service and sales. With smart inbound marketing strategies, an organization can ensure that sales are boosting and a favourable brand image is being made. The channels that representatives might use to handle the inbound calls are traditional phone calls, web calls, live web chats, chatbots, messenger apps, social media, email, posts, and web forms.

    Handle customer calls in complex. The talented, polite and dedicated staff use the following methods to be available round the clock and solve customer queries:

  • Personalization to make the customers feel valued.
  • Positive tone to build customer relationships.
  • Politeness to handle customer objections
  • Be informative to handle customer queries

  • Pros and cons of the inbound calling process

    The inbound process is believed to enhance customer experience by offering round the clock availability. The credibility is built by providing the assurance of seamlessness. If customer retention is the focus of a business, the inbound calling process is the best bet to build a positive method. There are certain factors to keep in mind while deciding whether or not an inbound call center is a right choice. For instance, compare the pros and cons to calculate whether the process is beneficial or not.

    Advantages of the inbound calling process
    A business requires infrastructure and resources to run a call center. Outsourcing the inbound calling process reduces the overhead cost. Additionally, the business never closes as inbound calling is available 24/7. Small or new e-commerce businesses can also handle a large volume of calls without any hassle if they are partnering with the right service provider.

    Disadvantages of the inbound calling process
    Practically, there is no disadvantage to investing in the inbound calling process. The only limitation is the inability to choose the right company. If a business is partnering with an inefficient call center, then there are higher chances of decreased customer satisfaction, lack of knowledge, language barriers and hampered business operations.

    5 tips to strengthen your inbound calling process

    Handling calls and emails, while assuring improved customer experience is a complex process. To strengthen your inbound process, the top 5 strategies are:

    Right inbound calling technology: The right technology makes a big difference in the efficiency of the inbound process. For instance, a call routing tool makes it easy to quickly transfer the calls.

    Customer service training: The call handling team should be trained enough to deal with clients politely and with adequate knowledge that can be updated with timely customer service training.

    Multiple contact channels: Traditional phone calls are the preferred medium; however, to divert the traffic and lessen the load, inbound calling can be transferred to varied contact channels like live chat and social media.

    FAQs for self-service: Utilizing the self-service format helps ease the load of the call handling agents. Providing an FAQ section is quite helpful.

    Take extra help: Still, if a firm cannot handle the incoming queries, they can take extra help by outsourcing the after-work calls to a third party call center for inbound calls.

    What advantages does IO Digital offer in its inbound call center platform?

    IO Digital is a globally renowned company helping businesses from diverse industrial verticals fuel their growth. The unprecedented success can be attained by hiring IO Digital as your inbound call center partner. The company provides BPO and seamless digital integration services that combine technology and human intelligence to augment productivity and deliver more profitability.

    What are different pricing models?

    Pricing is the biggest factor to decide which company is best to handle the inbound calling process. The majority of the call centers in India follow two pricing models, i.e. per minute model and hourly model.

    If a firm has low volume calls, then the per minute model is best where the services are charged on a minute basis. On the other hand, call centers even staff agents for 24 hours and charge on an hourly basis to companies with enough inbound volume.

    How customers engagement becomes easy with IO Digital inbound process?

    IO Digital focuses on customer experience and keeps positive engagement as the first priority for every inbound process interaction. In simple words, IO Digital specializes in building advocacy and provide a seamless blend of innovative technology on varied digital channels to deliver a higher customer experience.

    Why choose IO Digital over other agencies?

    IO Digital claims to deliver one of a kind customer experience. Their specialists utilize innovative technology, business analytics and CX advisory to deliver a seamless customer experience. The company is adaptable to client’s needs which makes them the preferred choice to handle inbound process calling.

    Why is the Inbound Process important?

    Customer satisfaction is the key to success for any business. In the highly competitive marketplace keeping the customers happy and loyal to a brand becomes challenging. With inbound calling support, an organization ensures that all the queries are resolved and the customers are happy to repeat purchases with their favourite brand.

    Which are the top 10 Inbound Calling Process Providers in India

    The stark reality between survival and dramatic growth can be diminished by outsourcing the inbound process to experts. In India, there are thousands of call centers and BPOs rendering services. Choosing the right one that fits the bills and create a high-impact solution is difficult. Here are the top 10 companies that showcase their passion for service and gained wide recognition.

    Genpact: It is a widely renowned call center having fortune 500 companies as clients. The company is serving the hospitality, energy, chemicals and Hi-tech industries.

    Tech Mahindra: The company has gained domain expertise by rendering inbound calling process services for a variety of technical concerns. The company provides tier 1 and tier 2 tech support.

    Infosys BPM: A subsidiary of Infosys LTD, the call center utilizes a digital framework to deliver customer experience. The company uses both automation and analytics to help the clients.

    IO Digital: The company runs digitally enhanced contact centers where clients can drive growth with the assurance of redefined customer interaction. Technology augmentation and business analytics are streamlining the process of this globally acclaimed inbound process service provider.

    TCS BPO: It is a part of TATA Group and rendering consultancy services for tech related queries and end-to-end inbound calling.

    Wipro BPO: The company offers innovation-led business solutions to ensure higher customer satisfaction and improved success rates. The call center serves Fortune 500 companies and is also counted as one of the largest companies in India.

    Go4Customer: The company is providing business process solutions along with 360-degree customer interaction services. It is a tech-fueled call center serving diversified clientele.

    Aegis: They are providing customizable services to clients from 9 different countries. With decades of experience, they are known for rendering customer management services.

    Octopus Tech: The company provides voice and non-voice support to its diverse clientele ranging from manufacturing, technology and banking. They drive innovation and assist in inbound call processes.

    WNS: This call center attains domain expertise by utilizing robust communication technology. Serving more than 10 industrial verticals, the company is leveraging its analytics expertise to become a leader.


    Customer service enables a firm to create brand differentiation. If a firm doesn’t have the capability to handle incoming calls or serve prospects to generate leads, outsourcing the task to experts is the best solution. The inbound process is a cost effective, robust, and efficient solution. It helps in strategizing the business models and retaining the customers to attain better business outcomes.



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